The friesen family

Kirk and Angie have planted churches in Salem and on the island of Maui in Hawaii and are stoked to be called to do it a third time here in Medford with Upward!  They have three children, Avery, Sadie and Micah. 

Kirk is the Lead Pastor and Angie heads up our Connect Group ministries.

The Borosund family

Lars and Angela have been with Upward from the start. As members of the launch team they  both had their hands in almost everything we started! Lars is a firefighter with the Medford Fire Department and Angela balances Upward's finances while chasing their daughters Mackenzie and Isabelle... 

Angela is head of Finances.

The wells family

Jake and Breanna joined the Upward team not long after we planted and have been faithfully involved ever since. They have 4 children, Aiden, Gavin, Paxton and Ensley.

Jake and Breanna lead a connect group and Breanna heads up our Caring Ministry.

the wynes family

Joey and Crystal have  been with Upward from the start and have helped establish much of what we do. They have 4 children, Jocelyn, Jayla, Joella, and Josiah. 

Joey heads up our Worship ministry and Crystal leads our Women's ministry. They also both lead a connect group.

The Dudley Family

Perry and Tamera are loving parents and grandparents.  If you hear the sound of children making a joyous sound they probably are not far.  Followers of Christ, they are always there with kind words and a smile.

Perry and Tamera lead a connect group.

the tanita family

Randy and Laurie have served faithfully behind the scenes from day one and lead multiple ministries within the church. They have two children Louie and  Wilson. (They are dogs but I'm not sure they know that...)

Randy heads up our Communion team and Laurie

co-leads Women's ministry and leads our Hospitality ministry.

the deavilla family

Tina was given the task of starting our Children's ministry when we launched in 2017. Two years later, Children's ministry has taken over the church! That's code for the fact that we have a lot of kids! She is married to Mike and they both love what God is doing here. 

Tina leads Upward Kids

The Larghi family

Ashley and Garrett have been with Upward Church from day one.  Married in December of 2017 they bring a nerdy element all their own.  Garrett moved here from Napa California, and Ashley was born here in the Rogue Valley.

Garrett leads our Tech and Youth ministries.