A Christmas Gift

Our prayer for this special offering is to impact our community and church in ways that you or I could never accomplish alone, but together we will make a huge difference.

In the Book of Acts, Paul collects and delivers a special offering for the Church in Jerusalem, from numerous churches willing to participate through their generosity.  The gift was given out of their love for God's people and God's work.  Throughout the years, since that first church in Acts, special offerings have blessed both the giver and the recipient.


Any gifts above our set goal of $3,000.00 will be used to augment our Children's programing & Middle/High School ministry.


Why special offerings?

As part of God's plan to grow the faith of people in HIS Church, He calls us to sacrificial giving at times.  It's HIS heart to bless us so we can be a blessing to others

Special vs Regular offerings

A special offering is giving above what you normally give.  The special offering is a faith stretching and faith building opportunity from God to us.

How much should I give?

Upward's goal is $3,000.00 - this will involve everyone.  Prayerfully consider a gift that will stretch your faith.  The amount you give is between you and God.

When can I give?

The best time is at the beginning or when you can.  You can give to this special offering anytime between December 1st and January 31st.

Are my gifts tax-deductible?

All gifts to Upward Church are tax deductible, both regular and special offerings.  Please include your name and address when you give.  Upward will send you an end-of-year giving statement.

How can I give?

Click on "GIVING" in the upper right corner and select A Christmas Gift.